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A regular and consistent strategy is the way to go rather than unplanned way of reading
-Anmol Sher Singh Bedi,
IAS Topper 2016-17 Among Men

-          Do not read the material once; try revising it a multiple times. If the information
is read only once, there is every chance that one might not be able to distinguish between two similar although different instances of information in the final paper. Therefore, continuous revision is very important to achieve success in this exam.

-          Do not read only static information. There are certain portions of this exam
which are dynamic in nature, therefore it is important to update the information
regularly. For example, current affairs are highly dynamic and an important part
Prelims, therefore it is important to read newspapers and one magazine
that can provide an overall coverage of the same. Also, it is advised to experiment
with the sources so that one can build different linkages of the same information.
However, once decided it is important to stick to those resources.

-          Analyse the change in the pattern of examination of Prelims. There has been a
marked shift in the Prelims question papers from the previous ones, therefore an
aspirant needs to understand the deeper insights of this exam to predict next
year's Prelims questions. For example, current affairs are becoming important for the Prelims.

-          Do not crowd in too many sources, which have the same information given in
other languages. This can waste precious time and also lead to the loss in
remembering power.

-          Attempt Mock Tests regularly rather than attempting them in the end of the
cycle. A regular and consistent strategy is the way to go rather than unplanned way of reading.

-          Focus more on Economy and Ecology, for there are a number of fairly easy
questions asked in the Prelims.

-          There are certain portions of the syllabus which are difficult to learn on time.
Prelims has become unpredictable, so it is better to focus more on it.

-          Please Practice a few tests related to CSAT before going for Prelim

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- Give more time to answer-writing.

- Give holistic answers exploring all portions appropriately.

- Presentation of answers in Mains becomes more important.

- Ethics and Essays are the most important components, so it is better to focus

- Give genuine answers in Ethics, which are easy to understand No need to specialise
and use difficult words.
-          It is important to quote committees, schemes, new organisations and structures
etc. in GSIII
-          In GSII, quote all Constitutional Articles, Acts and Judicial pronouncements
related to the Question asked.
-          In GSI, Historical Facts are very important, so extensive rote learning is required.
Developing some depth may be important to score well.
-          Reframing the same line in multiple ways may be an important way to score

Remember, the better you score in Mains, the less shall be the unpredictability of

Interview affecting your Rank.

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