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Maximizing Teachers Output in Delivering Maths
Maximizing Teachers Output in Delivering Maths

"I am not a math person." This sentiment is a part of a culture that we have largely embraced as a country. Whether you are talking to a teenager or a middle aged individual, often disha away from being in situations where they need to work with numbers. And a major cause of this is the way that we have been taught Math in schools. Math is taught in a set method which often leads to gaps in conceptual understanding of students that later translates to Math phobia.

But there is the other side of the spectrum as well, who make students fall in love with math and proudly bear the Crown of most loved teachers. What is it that these teachers do differently? What can we do to make more and more of them?

At Practice Guru, we acknowledge that teachers are crucial in bringing about a change in the way students look at Math and building conceptual learning using learning age and technology through the our learning program. Hence,  we got a lot of time and energy in finding the best possible ways to support teachers and training them. 

Teaching is a lonely profession and sell them do teachers get opportunities to upgrade their skills or college there's subject matter expertise. Hance, Maths is still a subject that is taught procedurally in schools. All of us have been taught in the same way and as a result, some of us also suffer from math anxiety when faced with a problem involving numbers.

Our mission is to create a complete activity based math learning and learning system that will make maths teaching fun for teachers and maximize the benefits for the students.

Teachers are supported through this process of change and equal to teach using this methodology, we provide teachers with training nodules on integrated planning using the learning aids and Technology. These trainings give teachers opportunities to not just understand the learning aid and Technology but also to experience being taught in a more conceptual way using the concrete-pictorial-abstract method which is a way for them to Cater to all different kind of learners in the classroom.

But training alone is not sufficient to drive a change, it needs to be followed up with guidance through classroom observations and a feedback process to a show teachers if they are on right track and what would it take for them to reach there. Now, teachers can access short videos that guides them on the process of teaching Math using learning aids.

Teachers often feel isolated in the four walls of their own classrooms which leads to lack of motivation and inspiration among teachers. By building a community of teachers that share best practices with each other and engaging them through innovative competitions that excite and challenge them, we aim to create teachers that will ensure students are not scared of math but instead fall in love with it.

" I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand - Confucius"

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WORKSHEETS are available for IMO from class 1 to 10.



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