Friday, 4 March 2016

Positive thinking in life...

Positive thinking- path towards success..

Usually we hear that Think Positive, Act Positive, Speak Positive etc. People hear these golden words and Positively forget them soon as they come back to their own vicious circle of life. 

Its not just that you act, think or speak positive will help. You need to be positive towards RIGHT things and skill set you possess. You can't do a kidney transplant even you are positive person of highest order, hello, you are not a doctor! That poor patient will die! You need to possess skills of kidney transplant and then be positive about your skills before the operation. 

Sometimes, you under the guise of being positive, you reinforce negative thoughts and cement shadow over that. You confuse belief with being positive and put a lid on learning. 

People read about business magnets and suddenly a waive of superlative charge of positive ion travels their veins. They are ready to think positive, but are not willing to Act positive, not ready to struggle for dreams. 

Remove the confusion. Be positive enough to drive, but be ready enough to strive....

- Ankit Dugar (Trainer, Life skills)

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