Monday, 21 March 2016

Do not learn any Religious mantra to reach God....

We see people who are inclined towards religious beliefs and feel confident and secure when bow in front of GOD and utter some words/ prayers.

It is quite old tradition and kids are taught some very basic Mantras by which they can communicate to GOD/ with GOD.

This reminds me a situation where we have to lean C++/ JAVA to communicate with a CPU.

Anyways, I am not against any such belief, since its pure. If people learn all those Shlokas, mantras etc, that is too good. It is always good to learn, to belief and to follow.

But, even if you are not so interested in learning all these vedic/ ancient mantras in order to communicate, follow my advice: "Do not learn any Religious mantra to reach God...."

Have you even noticed a mother? When she up-brings a toddler who is speechless and most of the time he communicates via crying. A mother know when the toddler is Hungry. when he needs pampering, when he needs milk, when is he in pain.

Do you realize that when an MORTAL mother can understand the silence, don't you think that the IMMORTAL father can understand the silence better? Do you really need to learn the codes to communicate?

Just a silent sincere thought will also surpass the celestial boundaries and reach your IMMORTAL Father, your GOD and thus, stop worrying about learning the vedic codes...

When you getup, just promise to GOD that -"thanks for giving me this beautiful day, I promise to make it count...."

- Ankit Dugar (Life coach, MBA, CFA*)

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