Sunday, 13 March 2016

Attitude is everything...

An attitude is an evaluation of an attitude object, ranging from extremely negative to extremely positive. As far as the title of my blog is considered, it says - Attitude is everything; Is Attitude Everything?

One school of thought may say that:
Attitude is everything. It governs the way you perceive the world and the way the world perceives you

According to lord Mahaveera, attitude is a state of mind, and I added - people often confuse it with EGO. Right attitude helps you to progress, but living in attitude slides you towards a state where the learning barrier raises high and stops growth, a state of deadly EGO. 
Our activities reflects our attitude, if we look at the spectrum of attitude, we can represent it by colors:

1. Black: worst state of mind where people are merciless towards any thought/ idea/ feeling. The anger may turn into violence. 
2. Blue: People in this state of mind a haughty, lazy and proud (false pride mostly). Mostly unreliable and people avoid their company. Such people will avoid anything which goes towards development of mind and nature. 
3. Brown: people carrying such attitude remain sad/ gloomy and play blame game wherever possible. They are vindictive and try to find fault in others. They may also become excited in small matters and lack emotional balance in life. 
4. Red: People are careful about their actions and know how to differentiate between good and evil, right and wrong. They lead a harmonious life and encourage other to do the same. They are more of a satisfied kind of person who can balance. 
5. Yellow: people in this color band are benevolent, kind and forgive others easily. They are vigilant in keeping their vows till the last breath. They remain unaffected by joys and sorrows and can maintain a balance in life with mental strength. 
6. White: people need to perfect this state of mind. it is difficult to find in current world but there are some who can possess such mental attitude. Powered by ignorance to stress, calm and ability to balance present, past and future are the characteristics of this type of attitude. 

What you can do is - be honest and see, under which band you stand? 

Most of the times, we try to impose our attitude on others? Is it justified? When the DNA is not same, how do you expect such weird things? Problem is that we are unable to manage the change? We are unsettled within and tend to superimpose this failure on others. 

At last, please do not mix attitude and self respect!..... 

- Ankit Dugar (Life coach)

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  1. Exactly... we may not be able to control evry situation n its outcome... but we can control our attitute n deal with it positively...